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Dr. Harvey Robbins

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    Dr. Harvey Robbins
  • DR. HARVEY ROBBINS is President of Robbins & Robbins and has been a business psychologist for over 20 years. His broad experience provides clients with service in the areas of team development, change management, competition vs. collaboration (transcompetition), organization and leadership effectiveness and interpersonal influence. Dr. Robbins has provided international consulting services to numerous organizations, including 3M, ATF, American Express, AT&T, Allied Signal, FMC, General Dynamics, Honeywell, IRS, International Multifoods, Johnson & Johnson, Southern Company, Target Stores, Toro, US West, Winnebago, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, US Secret Service and US Customs. He has also been a keynote speaker/presenter at numerous national/international conventions.

    Previously, Dr. Robbins worked as a personnel research psychologist for the US Civil Service Commission as manager of personnel development for Burlington Northern, and corporate manager of organizational development for Honeywell. He`s a member of the American Psychological Association and American Society of Training and Development, and author/co-author of five books: Turf Wars: Moving from Competition to Collaboration, How to Speak and Listen Effectively, the highly acclaimed Why Teams Don`t Work, winner of the 1995 Financial Times/Booz, Allen, Hamilton Global Business Book Award, Why Change Doesn`t Work, and TransCompetition, published as a lead book with McGraw-Hill’s new Business Week Books, and a previous IMS Book of the Month selection. Dr. Robbins received his doctorate in clinical psychology from East Texas State University.


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