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Dr. Terry Paulson

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    Dr. Terry Paulson
  • Dr. Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and author of The Optimism Advantage, Leadership Truths One Story at a Time, They Shoot Managers Don`t They, Speak Like a Pro, and Favorite Family Lectures. He’s featured in Nightingale-Conant’s audio series, “The Optimism Advantage” and “Napoleon Hill 17 Principles of Success.” He’s been honored as a distinguished faculty member of IMS. Since founding Paulson and Associates, Inc. in Agoura Hills, CA, Dr. Paulson has presented to such companies as IBM, 3M, Kaiser, and hundreds of hospitals, government agencies, and associations. Dr. Paulson is a past president of both the Global Speakers Federation and the National Speakers Association. He’s been inducted into NSA’s CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor given to less than 220 speakers worldwide. Business Digest labeled him the "Will Rogers of management consultants." Dr. Paulson graduated with honors from UCLA and received his PhD in psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.

  • Upcoming Seminars:
    Leveraging Optimism to Make Change Work
    with Dr. Terry Paulson
        In the good and the tough times, the best leaders leverage optimism to make strategic change for yourself and your team. Optimists are realists who are the first to admit there are problems and the first to do something about them. As a leader, you’ll learn how to reframe challenges as...

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