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Dr. Pacelle Van Goethem

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    Dr. Pacelle Van Goethem
  • Pacelle van Goethem, president and founder of Pacelle van Goethem Persuasion, is recognized as the leading Dutch expert in the field of Persuasion, Influence and Voice. Her bestselling book on the psychology of persuasion, IJs verkopen aan Eskimo‚Äôs, is considered to be the Dutch standard work on persuasion. She is working on a new book on influence. Pacelle lectures in Holland and throughout Europe and is regularly asked to appear as an expert on persuasion on national radio and television, and in many other on- and offline media.

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    How to Sell Ice to Eskimos
    with Dr. Pacelle Van Goethem
        Being persuasive clearly requires more than logic or content. This seminar enables participants to profit from the science and technology behind persuasion. It reveals the essence of what it is that makes us embrace ideas.  There are two methods of persuasion, irrational and rational:...