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Margaret Morford

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    Margaret Morford
  • Margaret Morford, J.D. is CEO for The HR Edge, Inc., an international management consulting and training company. Previous to owning her own company, she was Sr. Vice President, Human Resources Consulting for a national consulting firm out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  She has a BS degree from the University of Alabama and a JD degree from the Vanderbilt University School of Law.  She is the author of Management Courage – Having the Heart of a Lion and The Hidden Language of Business – Workplace Politics, Power & Influence.  She has served on the Board of Directors for various corporations and charities.

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    The Hidden Language of Business:
    Workplace Politics, Power and Influence
    with Margaret Morford
        Accomplishing the goals and objectives of any organization requires more than just smart employees who work hard.  It requires savvy employees who know how to forge alliances and avoid animosities in order to be effective.  In this session, participants will identify which of the rules of...

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