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Dr. Michael Woodward

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    Dr. Michael Woodward
  • Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD is a CEC certified professional coach trained in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. As a consultant and professional coach, Dr. Woody works with both private and corporate clients on building management/leadership capacity and the psychology of career engagement in the New Economy. Dr. Woody is the founder and president of New York-based consulting firm Human Capital Integrated (HCI).   As a consultant and coach, Dr. Woody has worked with management and executive level clients at such organizations as: Bacardi USA, SAP, Century 21 Real Estate, and Department of Homeland Security. Prior to founding HCI in 2005, Dr. Woody served as a management and human resources consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting (PwC) and as a project manager for IBM Business Consulting Services in Washington DC. Dr. Woody is author of the Amazon.com top selling job book The YOU Plan: A 5-step guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy. Dr. Woody has also published award winning research on teamwork titled Cooperation and Competition: The Effects of Team Entrainment and Reward Structure (Woodward et al, 2005).

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    From Player to Coach:
    Making the Successful Transition to Management
    with Dr. Michael Woodward
        The transition from star player to team coach is a tremendous leap. All too often new managers are thrown into challenging circumstances with limited support and resources. As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Woodward believes that effective management is rooted in understanding the psychology of...

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