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Dr. Param Srikantia

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    Dr. Param Srikantia
  • Dr. Param Srikantia (Ph.D. Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University) is a Professor, Seminar Leader and Author, who draws upon twenty years of leadership experience in six global conglomerates coupled with teaching and scholarly research in multiple continents. He has authored over 35 scholarly papers in Management, Organizational Behavior, and Globalization published or presented at conferences in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Before joining the faculty at Baldwin Wallace University, Dr. Srikantia was a consultant at an international financial institution, designing workshops for Finance Ministers of several countries. He has also developed and facilitated leadership seminars to management teams of transnational organizations drawn from over 75 countries in a global leadership organization sponsored by the federal government. He has taught at Case Western Reserve University, George Mason University, University of Iowa, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute in India and FAE Business School in Brazil.  He is a former television host in India who is well acquainted with the art of energizing a live audience. With a doctorate in Organizational Behavior and several Master’s Degrees- in Psychology, Human Resources and Business Administration, Dr. Srikantia has recently embarked on public seminars based on non-traditional ways of unleashing human potential that have now grown to a contagious level of popularity reaching nearly 20,000 attendees in Cleveland, Washington DC and the New York metropolitan areas. They have attracted practicing managers, entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, social workers, nurses, psychotherapists, public policy practitioners, labor leaders, and teachers.  These ten public seminars embody an unusual form of education not currently available in most U.S. universities or corporations as they invoke very diverse methods and perspectives discovered across the world for tapping into the deepest reservoirs of human potential. 

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    Overcoming Anger, Stress and Anxiety:
    A New Perspective on Management
    with Dr. Param Srikantia
        Our energies are often entangled in coping with personal and work life tensions that induce stress, anger and anxiety. The seminar will give you techniques to unleash unconscious sources of positive energy to transform stress so endemic in the business world, generate profound breakthroughs in...