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Jason Womack

  • Name:
    Jason Womack
  • Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA sees the world differently. He doesn’t deny there are 24 hours in the day, but he defies low expectations for what can be accomplished in that time. He admits that life is busy, but he won`t compromise when it comes to increasing productivity and maximizing time for the things that are his MIT`s (Most Important Things). How does he do this? Jason is, above all, a teacher, but his teaching takes many forms: international speaker, productivity coach, Get Momentum program founder, and author of the business development books: Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More, (Wiley, 2012) and The Promise Doctrine: A System for Consistently Delivering on Your Promises (2010). Jason shows that working longer hours doesn’t have to be your only choice to increase your productivity and performance. He teaches practical solutions to everyday workflow that will free you up to focus on your bigger leadership goals and projects.  He provides practical methods to maximize tools, systems, and processes to achieve quality work/life balance. He has worked with leaders and executives for over 16 years in the business, military and higher education sectors. His focus on creating ideas that matter and implementing solutions are changing the way leaders impact productivity and create environments where sustainable productivity is the norm.

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    Optimize Your Time and Focus to Make Your Best Even Better
    with Jason Womack
        This session is designed to engage, inform and equip participants with the tools, mindset and practices to improve their productivity by 20% or more every day. Managing email, attending meetings, planning projects...these are all the types of work our clients say they need to do more effectively and...

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