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Dr. Clinton Longenecker

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    Dr. Clinton Longenecker
  • Dr. Clinton Longenecker is an award-winning business educator, researcher, author, motivational speaker, and executive coach who was recently recognized by The Economist as one of the top 15 business professors in the world. A thought leader in rapid performance improvement, Dr. Longenecker has published over 180 journal articles in America`s top academic and professional journals. He is also the author of two best-selling books, including Getting Results: Five Absolutes for High Performanceand The Two-Minute Drill: Lessons for Rapid Organizational Improvement from America‚Äôs Greatest Game. Dr. Longenecker has helped transform the talents of thousands of business leaders in some of America`s best companies from coast-to-coast.

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    Getting Results:
    The Absolutes to High Performance
    with Dr. Clinton Longenecker
        Getting better results on an ongoing basis is becoming a leadership mandate in nearly every organization around the world. This seminar is designed to help business leaders develop a framework with which to systematically increase their personal effectiveness and ability to achieve higher levels of...

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