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Dr. John Austin

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    Dr. John Austin
  • Dr. John Austin works at the intersection of executive practice and academic insight as President of Three Translation Leadership.  For the past seven years he has also been a Principal at Decision Strategies International and an instructor teaching executives at The Wharton School’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education, Georgetown University, and Duke Corporate Education.  Prior to that, Dr. Austin was on the faculty at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University and at The University of Washington, Bothell. Dr. Austin has a B.A. in economics from The Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in management from Boston College. His research on knowledge-based decision making teams is widely cited in the academic literature, as is his work on the strategic actions of internal change agents.  Dr. Austin is an award-winning teacher and facilitator with experience working with executives, MBA students and practicing managers on six continents.  His research has been published in leading management and applied psychology journals including Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organization Design, and Organization Science as well as practitioner-oriented publications such as HR Magazine and The OD Practitioner.  Dr. Austin’s work has been recognized with three Best Paper awards from the Academy of Management and has been mentioned in a number of media outlets including CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. He is the author of Unquestioned Brilliance: Navigating a Fundamental Leadership Trap. 

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    Critical Thinking:
    A Key Element Necessary to Reach the Best Decisions
    with Dr. John Austin
        High quality decisions have always been essential for strong business performance. Yet with the increasing speed, complexity and data availability in today's competitive environment, superior decision skills are more important than ever. This workshop will help you improve your decision making...

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