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Dr. Andrew Shatte

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    Dr. Andrew Shatte
  • Dr. Andrew Shatté is the founder and President of Phoenix Life Academy. He is a fellow with the Brookings Institution where he facilitates programs for high-level audiences from the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, the IRS, NASA, the CIA, and all branches of the military. He served as adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania from 2000 to 2006, and was a highly decorated teacher – in 2003, he was voted the best professor by students in the School of Arts and Sciences and in 2006 he received the Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching. Dr. Shatté has devoted his career to understanding the psychological aspects of motivation, leadership, and resilience and to developing programs to optimize human performance in a wide array of arenas - the workplace, in health, in academics, and in sports. Dr. Shatté is co-author of meQuilibrium and The Resilience Factor.

  • Upcoming Seminars:
    The Resilient Leader:
    Skills to Boost Your Leadership Abilities and Strengths
    with Dr. Andrew Shatte
        In this session you will learn about 7 ways to grow your leadership abilities and foster resilience on the part of yourself and those you lead. You will receive a personal profile of your strengths and weaknesses across the 5 strengths that make an excellent and resilient leader - Integrity,...

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